Norton Homestyle Sponsor Boxer Sean Davies

Proudly Sponsoring Sean Davies

Recently we sponsored an up and coming young athlete at Norton Homestyle. We aren’t just about high quality kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, we enjoy helping out people with talent in other fields.

Sean Davies is a young man on a mission. He’s a boxer and a very good one. Sean lives in the Birmingham area but has gained himself a loyal following in the Norton Canes and Cannock area. When we met him and saw his work ethic and his professionalism we felt we had to support this outstanding new talent. It may be in a very different arena, but Sean’s attitudes tie really well with our own at Norton Homestyle. He works hard, he’s professional but very friendly and he always puts on the show that the fans want to see. With an outlook like his, he is sure to go very far!

Sean recently won a national title, the first of many accolades that will come his way in professional pugilism we are sure. We can’t wait to support him on his very exciting journey!

Sean is pictured (right) with Norton Homestyle’s General Manager, Dan Mennell.